Money Transfer

With money transfer your can send your money all over the world from your bank account. However most of the time, you have to deal with exchange rates and added transaction costs. As a result, you often pay extra for a money transfer.

So Why transfer prepaid credits?

  • Its cheaper than money transfer.
  • You can transfer to more than 30 countries.
  • You don’t have to worry about conversion rates.
  • We support many operators in many countries.
  • Registration is not required.

Money transfer: Foreign currency

With a money transfer, the currency is converted. Converting the foreign currency costs the sender extra money. Especially with small amounts, and with the added transaction costs, this can be very expensive. Because of this, it is hardly interesting to send small amounts of money abroad. Sending prepaid credit abroad is much cheaper compared to a money transfer.

Money transfer to a mobile phone abroad

Send your friends and family prepaid credit to support them or simply as a gift. You can transfer money to a mobile phone in over 30 countries. Whether your friends and family now live in Turkey, India or the Philippines. Within a few steps, the money is transferred. Choose your country and make your friends and family happy.